Advising Agreements

I will be on scholarly leave from May 2022-August 2023 and will not be advising students during this time. 

The following are my expectations for advising students on papers, proposals, theses. Their purpose is to clarify the advisor/advisee relationship, including standards for student work. All advisees must agree to the following standards prior to the establishment of a working relationship:
  • Requests for feedback on drafts during the semester should be sent at least three weeks in advance of the due date. Requests for feedback on drafts of final projects require documentation that you have visited the Writing Studio with an earlier draft.
  • All student work (including paper drafts and final submissions) must be edited for typos, spelling errors, and syntax. They must also be presented in double-spaced format,  include page numbers, and have complete references. Unless otherwise specified, the first page should include the student’s name, paper title, and date. Papers that do not adhere to these expectations will be returned to the student without comment.
  • Reference formats are negotiable, but should be appropriate to your area of study. You may not invent a citation style.
  • Comments must be incorporated into future drafts in order for me to read future drafts.
  • Approval for theses requires that they adhere to high standards of rigor and original scholarship, and that they demonstrate evidence of having integrated prior feedback. Institutional deadlines (such as deadlines for completion and graduation) do not influence whether a thesis is “passing.”
  • I am not available to read student work between May 14 and August 25.